stand clear of leaks a month in advanced, makes you appreciate the album more.

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i aint listening to no kanye till it drops.

I didn't listen to anything french put out besides pop that and although the album is mediocre, "I aint worried about nothing is amazing"

I haven't listened to any of jcole releases or his EP tapes, i caught power trip by accident on worldstar, so i still got fresh ears for dudes music.

Basically in this new microwave turkey hip hop world we live in, I have to stay clear of these dudes to give them a decent listening experience.'

i only listen to mixtapes of the cats who get constant shoutouts and rave reviews from twitter or if one of my peoples puts me on "chance the rapper". Other than that im usually listening to some 2000 era album that got overlooked by the mixtape era. Like that scarface "the fix" that album is amazing.

does anybody else do this?


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Did this for years but it has to be a certain artist
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Doing this (minus listening to Power Trip) for Born Sinner. If any more songs leak i will not be listening.
Can't wait to listen to the full album once it drops. :smokin
Joined Aug 9, 2012
I'm pretty sure a majority of us bump a lot of 90's era rap, combined with what ever other genre you're into.

It really doesn't matter to me, I mostly just listen when it leaks, and then support on release date if it touched me. I figure, you have people that have already heard the whole project during listening party's, and if the content is out there, why wait to be part of a collective experience?

I do understand not listening to more then two released tracks before the album comes out, that really messes up your perception of the album in whole. That happened to me with j coles first album..
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