Star Wars Universe Thread, Ep 9 The Rise of Skywalker 12/19/19

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Feel like they are cramming a ton of stuff that would make Star Wars fans geek out in each episode. Almost like cheating they use so much stuff in a short episode.
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My only complaint so far is the time length of the episodes but episode 2 was very good :nthat:

Baby Yoda is elite with the force. Didn’t realize the force could heal people.
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The Mando’s helmet being last is the nail in the coffin for Fett. Probably won’t get more than some side comics or other little bones since Disney will obviously push their version going forward. It is what it is.

I do like how this guy is not Fett though. He still seems to lowkey struggle for someone being the best in the parsec. Plus, he doesn’t come across strong and silent really. Looks like he’ll have more “heart” which a show like this will need if it’s to continue.
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By the way...

I don’t normally disagree with instructions given by Lord Vader...BUT...I definitely need to see more disintegrations! That was some hardcore **** when Mando was lighting up those Jawa’s...

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