Star Wars Universe Thread: The Book of Boba....and my Heart

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Joined Sep 14, 2000
How do we feel about Hayden reprising his Vader role? I’m expecting him to be better than in the prequels since he’ll have someone other than George directing him.
Joined May 29, 2016
Han and mini Cube Jr.
Wasn’t really into idea of hanging around desert for few decades stories.
But see what happens.

Joined Feb 29, 2000
Watch, depending on how much of a role he has (and what type) he's going to crush it.

Now, if he's just walking around in the Vader suit, that will change things. If it's flashbacks or something, he'll nail it.
he’ll be vader but without the mask.

he will do well because it will probably be way more darker and serious

they gotta have the emperor show up too
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