Star Wars Universe Thread: The Book of Boba....and my Heart

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Joined Oct 14, 2015
The timing of Bad Batch is perfect. Recently got a PS5, been playing Jedi Fallen Order for the first time. Both the show and the game deal with the fallout of Order 66. Also, both the game and show feature cameos from a specific character in Star Wars lore. Happy May The 4th.
Joined Aug 27, 2006
Happy May the 4th y'all..Today always reminds me that I started my Star Wars chest piece the day Princess Leia died..So it's a little sad for me..But still a good day nonetheless.
Joined May 29, 2016

Props for posting up pic of my fellow Golden Gate Garrison Troopers. No clue who they are since been retired for years. Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper.

And here's one for you too from a Lucas event we did way back in the day. I used to live in the East Bay and went to Raiders, A's and Warriors games. The Garrison works with all sports teams around the Bay Area.

Edit: not me (TIE Fighter Pilot here).
That was a big tall white dude from Sacramento.
Really impressive in costume.

"September 26, 2004: The 501st's Golden Gate Garrison and Central California Garrison descend upon Network Associates Coliseum as the Oakland Raiders face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game was broadcast live on ESPN."
Joined May 29, 2016

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