Star Wars Universe Thread: The Book of Boba....and my Heart

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Rockabilly Zombie

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Lol yeah I think I bought the Stratego sometime around Episode 1. That's when I was buying everything Star Wars related in sight. :lol: My uncles gave me that case when I was younger. They still have a ton of og figures in a Vader case. Someday... :lol:
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Yeah I knew that forehead was way too big right when I bought it. It was the only one left. Smh. :lol:
Wish I had the luxury of picking the best one from the store. Why can't stores get more than two per case?
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Rebels is getting very very interesting. This weeks episode was pretty dope and is def a precursor of more stuff we got glimpses of in the trailer.

force ghost Yoda mentions Malachor, which was apparently was a big deal in the EU. i haven't really delved into the EU but it def sounds interesting.

from reddit:

Malachor in Legends was Malachor V which is where Revan had a major battle with the Mandalorians. Since the EU wipe it's been known as simply Malachor, but in the recent The Force Awakens dictionary it mentions there was a great scourge there and also the planet where Kylo got his knowledge to build the crossguard lightsaber. From the trailer there is an ancient Sith temple there. Sounds like Yoda thinks there is knowledge there to defeat Vader.
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Sounds like Rebels got really interesting. I need to catch up.
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