Starting the %!+$ over UNappreciation Vol. Relationships FTL


formerly mryoungmoney
Joined Mar 5, 2010
Yeah, it always sucks starting all over just know this OP...
If it didn't bother you that she left, you must have never really loved her or really liked her.
She wasn't the one for you.
No point in being in a relationship when the girl you're dating is "just there".
Joined Jun 30, 2003
my chick was acting up ... turned into another person overnight ... had to bounce ... it sucks starting over but things come to an end for a reason ...

just build up ur roster ... don't worry about clubs ... take sometime to urself and go back out there ... and don't go back out there trying to get into something serious either ...
Joined Dec 11, 2010
i think building a solid rosteris really good advice.

it takes time though. you can't rush it, but when you got 3-5 girls that have their own individual traits that they excel in, it makes it easier to look for THE ONE...
Joined Jun 4, 2009
atleast youll be saving tons of money op trust bro once you dont think about it youll meet females with out even trying...

free time equals new hobbies,gym, reading books the world is yours now
Joined Jul 1, 2011
Single life .. Dont need a girlfriend"got a main !+!%+ , and a mistress , a couple girlfriends I'm so hood rich "#swag
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