Stash x Wallabee Preview

Oct 4, 2001
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The 3sixteen crew came across a sample of the soon to be released Stash Wallabee. The shoe comes in all black with the Stash tag placed on the outside. The inner sole features his iconic fatcap design.


even though they are a stash collabo... i don't think there will be too much hype! especially if they were as much as the futura's!
I actually am upset that these came out because I've been gettin really good deals on Clarks kicks for about a year now and have been wearin them alot. I hope this doesn't bring the beasts onto the wally thing. Doesn't actually look as well thought out as his previous collabs although I haven't seen the whole thing yet so I'm hoping the full pic will be better.
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There's really nothing to this shoe, and it'll be overpriced...
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Not even a collabo with Stash can make me like Wallabees.
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I actually like these a little bit.
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Maybe for work I'd get those.
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How much are these going to be?
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i've been thinking of copping wallys, but not these
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Thanks for the pics, but Clarks Wallabees are already pricey, and now a collab w/ Stash? No thanks.

I need a pair of low black suede Wallabees in a size US 9.5.

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Regular wallys will do.
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So it's pretty much like the Black Wally's that are out right now, with a Stash's name here and there and hella overpriced?

Straight off of that, I'm cool with my all black Wally's.
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I'm good with regular wallabees and lows too. But damn, they are pricey. babybop, you got the hookup, I see.
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i like wallabees, i used and abused my current ones for the last 5 years, not sure if im liking black though. I might check the price on these and decide if they are worth enough.
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Wallabees are the greatest shoe ever made IMO

but these are no different then the special edition models Clarks puts out once and never produces again, like the Hemp model last year
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yea they seem pretty plain, still alright though, and only for a little stash written here and there. how much and when are they scheduled for release?

price for them is whats going to get me, reg wallys will do just fine..
The price on these will be $150. Same as the Futura's that will be coming out in the US around the middle/end of December. The only difference between these and the Black suede Wallabees is the contrast stiching. We have roughly 25 new colorways coming out by the end of the year. Couldn't get clearance from Van's for a "checkerboard" version so that one got scrapped.
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