State of Decay 2 | Larger World and 4 Player Co-op| RD: Spring 2018 PC & Xbox One

Joined Dec 25, 2003
Looks cool. Need an MMO like this.

What happened to the Day Z team working on something for consoles? Just a rumor?

Ja's 2¢

formerly vcshoxj6
Joined Jun 20, 2001
Will check out the demo. Looks like a poor man's last of us. :lol:
Joined Jan 22, 2011
Looks cool. 

Seems like nazi zombies fused with dead rising.
Joined May 26, 2006
looks ok, might try it out but i don't expect it to be that dope

i currently play DayZ mod for Arma now..waiting for DayZ standalone for PC to come out in a month or so
Joined Feb 25, 2010
Will check out the demo. Looks like a poor man's last of us. :lol:

Its a Xbox Live Arcade game >D
Chill I know it's an xbla game. Xbla games can be better than a major release like telltale's walking dead which I loved.
I ain't even mad 8)

Poor mans Day Z?


Day Z is a mod for Arma 2. So no I wouldn't consider this a poor man's Day Z.

SoD is an open world zombie-survival game.
The open world develops in real-time, shaped by player actions, with content determined by their choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.
Joined Sep 19, 2007
Posting to check out later. Haven't been on my xbox for gaming in months but might have to check this out.
Joined Apr 13, 2007
Why would anybody continue to buy XBLA titles when they've stated that they won't be playable on the new XBOX?
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