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Thoughts on adjustable dumbbells? Having trouble trying to find a couple sets of dumbbells, and I’m thinking about giving up just to purchase a set of adjustable ones.
I have powerblocks that go to 90lb. Although the shape is weird, I've gotten used to them and love how fast you can switch between weights. I bought them used and have held up very well, I also don't drop my weights.

Ironmaster adjustable dbs have a more traditional feel and look to regular dbs, but I heard weight adjustment is a bit longer
Joined Jun 1, 2007
what's your total u spent
Maybe between $2-2.5k. I'd really have to look and try to remember.

I got lucky on the weight plates, plate holder, barbell, mats, adjustable dbs, air dyne and concept 2 rower because I bought them used from people who were moving, ie desperate.

Only new items I purchased were the trap bar, pulley system, rack and bench, barbell holder, and accessory holder and miscellaneous attachments.


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Bruh.... You're kidding.
I wish. What’s even more ridiculous is that you can only purchase the plates by pairs, yet they ship me only 1 at a time.

I’m not mad at their delayed shipping because I know they’re getting slammed and they even have a banner on their web store stating shipping is delayed by 3-5 business days. But I find it ridiculous that they can’t even ship a pair of plates.....? like ol boy at the warehouse saw that I ordered a pair and decided to only ship 1 out and said to himself “eh, I’ll get the other one later”.....
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