stealth 20's

Aug 31, 2007
I dont know about you guys... but in my opinion the last couple years as the 19, 20,21,and 22's have came out they havent been the hottest shoes compared to the 11,12, and 13's for example. But IMO the stealth 20's have been one of the best colorways ever.. From the ones who own these, whats your opinion on this shoe?
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theyre real nice :wow:

i missed out on them because i didnt have they money for them :frown:

hopefully in the packs we'll get stealth XXs and blk/cement IIIs :pimp:

ya i didnt think about that. that would be a sick package.
This is nothing to me.. difficult takes a day impossible takes a week.
the stealths are real nice, but i missed out
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The Stealths are ridiculously hot! Unfortunately, I never got to cop a pair. I have ever single colorway except the Stealths! They were sold out before I put together the money to buy them. GRR!!
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i remember when the original 20's came out and hoping the designs on the strap were red.. but for some reason they released in a brownish color.
This is nothing to me.. difficult takes a day impossible takes a week.
Personally, the Stealths are one of the best Air Jordans ever. I missed out on them when I went to Foot Locker on Fulton. I tried them on, but knew very well I didn't have the $180 to pay for them. I hoped they'd go on sale, but my wish fell short. I eventually bought the first colorway, and beat them up.

Last year, I found the first colorway again, and copped. Then, a few weeks ago, I saw NT'er Dalamina, selling them here on NT. I had to end this 2 year search I've been on. They're not too hard to find, but every time it showed up, I was broke.

Stealth XX = top 5 Jordan.
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Stealth 20s are hot!
I got a deal on them but i beat them to death.
Still looking for another pair.
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the stealths are real nice, but i missed out
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i really like the steaths but i missed out too...well i love the jordan XX and its on my top 3

im still looking but not more than $200.

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Fortunate to have 2 pair... The only problem I have with them is the weak/thin velcro on the strap... Seems like it easily comes undone...
this may be off topic but i remember when i was a littler kid and was walking through the mall i saw sheiks had a display case for the xix's and was like eeeeewwww.

i dont know why i botherd to write that
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i like them a lot too!!! i was fortunate to buy both of them w/ a nice discount. but i favor the qs xx's more...dunno why, but i do. but the stealth dubs are one of the illest j's produced
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I traded some cheap LS retros to get mine, I got a very good deal on them.

They look amazing when you wear them, everything a shoe could be and should be. And the first and still the best implementation of IPS for me.

I think the last shoe to really compete with it has been the Black/Red XIX. I really like the Black/Red XX2 and XXI Low as well.
I am lucky enough to have 2 pair as well. The best XX colorway hands down and the shoe is definately in my top 10 overall. I do have a problem with the velcro though, after a couple of wearings, it doesn't stay down like it should. But that is the way it is for all of my XXs. Awesome shoe!
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i think black/royal XVIII and black/red XIX > stealth XXs... but stealth XXs are hands down the best XXs
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they're alright. i got them for free and they were my favorite indoor balling shoe for a while.. until i landed wrong (tripped over someone's ankle, kinda caught the edge of the heel on the court and the shoe tipped) and sprained my ankle in them.

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