Stevie Williams at palace 5ive

I didn't see anything when I clicked..

Was he there. or is GOING to be there.. ?

I haven't talked to Stevie since Vegas.. ... what's his boy's name that hangs with him often..? He's an Asian Cat//
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I RSVP'd today. SHould be a nice event.

I'll be there after I leave the HOFE Boys' Pool which I still didn't the email with the location/directions.

whyblaque...get on that or I will increase my rates x 40%...Vamos Hombre!
I know people wanna be fly, but where do we draw the line?
"which one is king adrian again?"
Im in a big dilemma on this. Idk what to do. Too much stuff going on in one day.
Oh its not that. They are gonna be skating freedom and all that tommorow as well. @#%$ no Im not going to palace 5ive. I just dont know how Im gonna manage my time.
Well, I'll be there. The apology I received was good enough for me. You have to forgive people. Sounds corny...but it gets you through life.
Something you'll all appreciate.

anyone who REALLY skates gonna be there and not a bunch of sheeps?

No, because if the posts are an indicator of any sort it'll be chock full of 15 year olds with an attitude thinking they're the first one to ever ride a skateboard bragging about what ballers they are with mom and dads $$$.
If the after party is 21+ (like the one Elite had a couple years ago after the Nike SB demo), then I'll consider going to that.
i love your motivation Badgeman

makes me love being 20, living at home, working, skateboarding a lot, and buying all my own stuff
Tried skating when i was like 10 did not work out not been on board since nor will i too much could happen to me crack my head or somthing.The closet i get these days to skating is mtv scared.

Mowing the lawn once a week isn't "working"

You Got Served

i went thru and the spot is crazy...

greg and co. did a great job with the interior layout.

the mood was cool, free drinks, live music, pretty ladies...what more can i say?

talked to stevie. he's a cool dude, was high as hell, but networked nonetheless.
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Thats where you guys came from? But yea, anyone sesh with them after at pulaski or anything?
Mowing the lawn once a week isn't "working"

your right, thats why i choose not to take after you and do that.

Thats where you guys came from? But yea, anyone sesh with them after at pulaski or anything?

i was pulaski all day yesterday after i left P5.
and neither him nor marcux mcbride were there.
BUT, im thinking they'll be there today.
i'll be there today again.
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