Stewrat, Where art thou? / Appreciation Thread

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Very much appreciated,best producer on NT imo. Great late night chill music. Haven't seen him on here in a while though 

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Gotta shout out that dude RedRose too for making such great vids with scenes that blend perfectly with his music
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[font=arial, sans-serif]my fav one... one of my fav films too

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[font=arial, sans-serif]stewrat in on NT? o____o [/font]
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Proppers. Really nice chill music. Play it when I got people over the house and just need it to background.
Whats his most recent release?
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Said this 2 years ago and it fell on deaf ears ...

Glad ya'll dudes catching up

Stew is a BEAST and I say that with no disrespect to half , plan , Mez or any other NT producer

#%$%%$ just slept on the homie too hard ..
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Originally Posted by 504 D1 Prospect

Originally Posted by HARM


1. Nazcar Nation - Beeswax (StewRat remix) (5:07)
2. La Roux - Bulletproof (Stewrat Remix) (3:31)
3. Uniforms for the Dedicated - 2010 Trickery Lane (StewRat rework) (3:23)
4. The Dream - Walkin' On The Moon ft Kanye West (StewRat remix) (3:24)
5. Birdman - Money To Blow ft Lil Wayne and Drake (StewRat remix) (4:50)
6. Jay-Z - Feelin Like A Pimp (StewRat remix) (3:23)
7. Young Jeezy - Trap or Die (StewRat remix) (6:58)
8. Nite Jewel - Want You Back (StewRat remix) (5:53)
9. Kanye West - Heartless (StewRat remix) (3:34)
10. UTIMTA - All Because of You (StewRat remix) (6:15)
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Originally Posted by Enchanted1

"The only one shine bright like the only sun"�

Didn't know dude was an NTer....
woah this was crack... shid had me dancing

boy i swear 504 be putting me on kats....... will listen to more of this guy's work
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I'm listening to the joint him and Jewels have for an up coming project now.

The boy definitely has talent, shout outs to Harm for insisting I sit down and listen to fam you made that collab happen
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