Street Fighter 4s Finishing Moves....all of them.

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one more month


im gonna have to try out that rey mysterio looking guy. dude's moves look ill

and im pretty sure each character has more than one super
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Word. Hopefully MLG(Major League Gaming) puts SF4 on the pro circuit for the 2009 season.(I coached a pro Halo 3 team last season and will be doing the samestarting at the MLG Meadowlands season opener April 3rd)
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Ryu's max finish was never the Hado-Ken, It was always the 3 Punch Uppercut. I am surely hoping everyone will have more than one super-special desperationtype finish.
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Originally Posted by djaward

I got my limited edition arcade pad on lock. Ok question. THOSE ARE FINISHING MOVES?? OR COMBOS??? Like is this a similar thing to mortal kombat? FINISH HIM!
They're ultras.
i.e. Ken
Basic moves - kicks, jabs, whatevers
Specials - Hadouken, shoryuken, etc
EX moves - which are basically suped up specials (EX Hadouken, EX Shoryuken, etc. They also drain your "super bar" and is done by pressing 2 punchesor kicks instead of one)
Super - Shoryureppa (similar to ssf2t, require a full "super bar")
Ultra - Shinryuken (seen in the vid, is basically a suped up super done by pressing all 3 punch buttons with themotion. They can only be done when your revenge meter is more than halfway full. You fill up the revenge meter by taking damage)
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