Stupid Parking tickets/speeding tickets/moving violations

Sep 21, 2002
I got a parking ticket the other day cause i put the Muni meter ticket in my car upside down. $35 bucks. FML.
I got pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign long enough
I got a warning for not using a turn signal at a stop light. Yet I was in a turning lane

PG County Police
i got pulled over cause i looked suspicious driving my uncle's M5.
i had a fitted and sunglasses on and the cop pulled me over.
Originally Posted by IncredibleEv

I got a parking ticket the other day cause i put the Muni meter ticket in my car upside down. $35 bucks. FML.
all you need to do is mail in the muni meter ticket that was valid at the time the ticket was written and you straight.
Since first getting my license Ive been pulled over 5 times, let go once, 3 speeding tickets, and a ticket for not having a seat belt on in the back passengerseat... I fought the no-seatbelt ticket and won. The speeding tickets each came to about 1000 each i tried postponing and fighting them.. but lost ....just hadthe worst luck driving... seriously started my year real bad.. and i don't drive anything nice... a 96 STOCK integra..! the time i was stopped for noreason, i asked why i was being stopped and dude gave me back my license asked where i was heading and left. Oh yeah once at LAX airport .. dude was chasing mei was like @**? he said he "THOUGHT" i didn't have a front license plate....

don't fight your tickets unless you are for sure cops not showing... The officer pulled out a notebook.. and had all this jibberish about how all hisequipment was calibrated...
It aint even bout your safety most of the time, just extra income for the city/state. Half of these laws dont even hurt anybody. Seatbelts. They just gettingmoney.
I swear every effing time a cop see's me they turn around and pull me over...

Its ridiculous...

The last few times I passed cops they didn't follow me, I was shocked

I drive 5 minutes to and from work, I'll drive home, pass a cop GOING the speed limit, and he'll pull me over.. "Oh you have window tint"

But then doesn't give me a ticket for it... I don't get it... why waste his time to pull me over for tint if no ticket?
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