Summer Concerts- Who are you seeing?

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I noticed a lot of people said they are going to be going to more concerts this summer. What, who, and when? I'm an r'n'b fan so I'd like to see these people, varying degrees as to how much and what extent I'd go to monetarily and timewise to do so. I also think I like concerts in clubs as smaller halls like the House of Blues than in big arenas. And the standing room only just adds that much more as to connecting with the artist IMO and the whole vibe. I don't like a lot of rappers really and think they suck even more live since they're mostly yelling over their own song playing over the speakers, plus I noticed rappers' hypemen are almost always hyper, louder, and more enegertic than the person you paid your money to come see.

Chrisette Michele
Melanie Fiona
Laura Izibor
Jill Scott
Jay Z
Lupe Fiasco
Kanye West

As far as dates, all I know that's locked down that Im likely going to is Lupe at the House Of Blues Dallas on the 27th of this month, and I'm still considering Essence Music Festival in New Orleans ( ) which would cover a lot of that list. Hot 97 Summer Jam is another one I might try to get out to. It just sucks I don't really have any friends, male or female, down here anymore who have it in them to just wake up one night and decide "%$%%, I think I'm going to drive 4 hrs down to Dallas, go to the concert, and spend the weekend."
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i dont' know

i'm an rnb fan too so i'm down to see who ever is out her at school or in dc...maybe md if i really wanna see them
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Curren$y is gonna be in town (Columbus) on the 16th. Wanna hit that up.
Clipse is gonna be here on the 22nd, gonna be in Nashville that night.
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All about Rock The Bells

seen Sara Jay there last year.tried to get pics of the mass
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wasn't summer, but last tuesday I saw john mayer and last night angels and airwaves
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I thought about seeing Lady Gaga. I don't really like her music, but she's outrageous and a showman so I can see her show being pretty amazing and theatric. She was in OKC a few weeks ago.
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slaughterhouse and p monch is coming next week but i dont know if im gonna go yet. worst venue in the city

lots of shows planned but the big ones are iron maiden in june and then to europe for some metal festivals. cant. freaking. wait

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last year i went to so many concerts but this year its been like nothing. i think jay z was the last one i went to but im already going to rock the bells for sure.
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i wanna go to lilith fair, but theres no SF date announced yet, also i hpoe the summer concerts dont suck this year
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Originally Posted by Matt53

wasn't summer, but last tuesday I saw john mayer and last night angels and airwaves

How was AVA? I'm thinking hard about getting that VIP thing for $100, but knowing its going straight to Tom Delonge's pocket...
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I just want to go to Sasquatch. If I can't go to any shows but that, I'll still be happy.
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John Legend.
Musiq Soulchild.
Alicia Keys.
+ a ton more.

My last concert was Boyz 2 Men at my county fair for the price of admission to the fair. It was actually a great performance and way worth the $6 I paid to get in.
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i just checked out the line up for the Essence Music Festival and now i'm sad i cant go...


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i go to rock the bells every year, other then that i'll just have to see if anyone else i like is playing near me.
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