Summer League Basketball Appreciation vol. AAU, MAYB, etc.

Jul 13, 2007
I was at my campus gym today to play basketball and 2 of our 3 courts were held hostage by MS summer league tournament. I almost forgot it was that time of theyear again and it kinda brough me back to when I used to play basketball over the summer with my team. Some of my most memorable (and regrettable
) athleticaccomplishments came during summer ball. And the memories. Riding up to whatever city it was being held, getting there and standing around watching other teamsplay, sizing up the competition, trash talking, winning championships, eating out with the team, etc. I know I'm not the only one that misses this, postsome of your favorite memories.
Oct 22, 2004
I miss those AAU days so much. Playing in summer leagues for your school were fun too. Fun games with less pressure than games in season. I always loved to tryout new moves in those games.
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