Summer time = Great Ebay Pick ups

Joined Dec 30, 2005
lol man you should have seen the XI DEAD DEAD BEATERS for 20 bucks from the same seller clam bought i wouldnt take them even if the seller donated them to me.

ok one of the xiv wasnt too too bad. why not for 15 dollar beaters....but i dont think i could do that myself but hey who are we to hate. it was probably those or some starbury and i rather get beater Js than starburys.
Preordered and ordered some Js from and I used code 116 to recieve $5.50 OFF my purchase!
Use that coupon code to save too, also cant beat the free shipping!


formerly pleasesaythebaby23
Joined Apr 15, 2006
i got a pair of vvvnds og playoff XIII's for 102 and no they are not beaters i will post picks
Joined Sep 22, 2005
got ds xiii Retro White/University Blue Size 12 for 150 from rambohasyourjays fellow nt but off ebay
Joined Jul 3, 2006
Ive Done Ok Without Really Trying i got these for about $200 combined
Olympic VIIs DS
White Steel Zebra Xs DS

WANTED any DS retro Nike/Jordans Size 15
Joined Jun 29, 2003
i didn't get a steal, but i just sold a pair of Retro II Nu to some lucky guy for $0.99. Great ebay pick up for the buyer....for the seller...not so much. :smile:
Joined Aug 10, 2006
My dogs only get the crispiest covers. No used and abused $hi+. I might take some free joints though like if a relative or close friend hands em down. Only people I'm familiar with. You never know what somebody was doing in them shoes. Athletes feet. Dirty, grimy socks that haven't been changed in days, maybe weeks. Sweaty and hairy feet. Cornhuskers and ingrown toenails that bleed and bacteria up and soak up on the inside of the shoe. Put something new on your feet. I'm more than positive you'll see some re-retroed, retro action of your favorite shoe every so often.
Joined Jan 14, 2006
my first eBay purchase and got a pair of OG Fire Red IVs, $47 + shipping

Just so there ain't no ducktales flowin' around:

Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​


Joined Nov 1, 2005
i won some "ds" white/cement iv's that looked worn by a seller with zero feedback for 71 dollars. then 2 days after i made payment he listed the same pics in another auction and called them used. idk @#%$ to do, i guess ill wait and see i already emailed him about it but of course he hasnt responded. does anyone know how to retract a paypal payment without opening a dispute? it still says the payment is unclaimed because i think he entered the wrong email address in paypal. pm me if anyone knows.
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