-Super Replicas Scam-VOL: LOL

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I was on Ebay lookin at cars and I ran into this auction listing a Replica Lamborghini Murci... The car in the picture looked authentic as hell, so I clicked the link...And yes indeed, the car that was in the picture was Authentic, NOT a replica as listed....

....So I decided to do more research on these replica companies and I found a YouTube Channel....IN COME THE LOL's
My girl and I were rollin'

They seem to rent authentic cars and try to pass them off as cars that THEY built....

"50Cents" even gives them the "thumbs up"....Look how they use footage from Unique Auto....And I'm guessing the guy with the dreads is supposed to be "50Cents"

They turned the embed option off and the option to comment on their vids
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i hope this is some kind of chappelle skit or something...doesn't even....i can't

that Exelero tho
...maybe this is who is building Babys


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thing is they actually make very very good replicas. i think i saw some videos from a company. i would never do it but thy make them 99.9 exact its crazy
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Originally Posted by wHo NicE as HiM

 i know a dude that own a gallardo ...i just couldn't do it son, just couldn't. 
 gotta do legit checks on cars now?
Thats the scam part....I read more about this company, They make you send them money...and they send you fake "progression" photos, updating you on the progress of your car...then when it comes time to ship the car to you, they act like the car gets lost in shipping...
$20K down the drain

90% of the cars in their youtube vids are authentic rented cars....peep the Phantom and Flying spur. They're trying to suck you in by saying they built these cars
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