Apr 18, 2003

I've been working on this special project for a while now. It's no secret that sneaker culture, comics and movies are all connected in some form or another. Being a Superman fan, I decided to combine all three.

Target release date is Fall 2007. Limited to 1938 (the year Superman first appeared in Action Comics) pairs. Each shoe will be individually numbered (embroidered) for authenticity. Packaging is currently being finalized.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I will post more pictures soon, but here are a few to get you all started.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

thank you.

It's looking good. I'm a big Superman fan too and i might be interested in a pair. More pics are needed though.

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hot shoe. you know dj clark kent gonna want one like stupid.
would like one.
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Whoa whoa whoa..

I like! Especially that daily planet detail.

Too bad I h8 supes.
Add some color to your life

how are you guys gonna be distributing and everything?

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A work colleague and I have already been in touch with DJ Clark Kent; but it's been several months since he was shown the shoes. We showed him the first samples and his response was fantastic! I am hoping to be able to send him a pair soon.

Yes, at this time the shoes are available through me. Production will start very soon; once the packaging is finalized. Working on distribution and sales right now.

More information will be provided as I get it.

I will post more pictures soon!

thanks for feedback! Keep it coming!
Is that a skyline on the upper? Need to see an entire pic, but looks good!
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damn those are pretty me full pics of the shoe...def interested in those
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^^same question. i really want one. loving the dailyplanet newspaper print, daily planet and metropolis imprint on the sides. super nice.
Now we only need a price.

*praying they're not over $300*
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What's up everyone..

Thanks for all the feedback...keep it coming!! Any questions, you have, please ask and I will do my best to respond. You can always send me a message to my inbox, too.

To answer a few of your questions:

At this time, this is going to be men's shoe. So the size run will be something like 7-13.

The price is yet to be determined...but it is not going to be astronomical. They will be affordable.

Thanks again everyone. I will post more pictures soon!
These are looking good so far. I can't wait to see pictures of the whole shoe!
ehhh, not really feelin the shoe... too much going on...
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looks dope, def need to see the rest. contact when available please!!
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noice, very noice (I just hope this isn't a "myspace angle pic" effect ). More pics my dude. If we like, please PM some of us in this thread.

Good work, nonetheless.
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looks pretty nice when can we get more pics of the whole shoe?
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I would cop, but I need a way of paying.

Looking for Atmos Elephant Air Max 1 Size 11.5 DS

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any info one when the ark knights are droppin ?
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