Supra Muska Skytop's. New Metalic Gold/White Colorway. Pics!

Apr 13, 2006
Any information about a release date in the Southern California area would be greatly appreciated. These shoes are a good look, especially for those who missed the Gold/Silver ones. Retail is said to be $124.00. Thanks NT.

These shoes are so dope. I just don't know if I can do such a high-top shoe.
If you need help getting these or the denim ones I might be able to help. PM me.
They are kind of similar to Dunks but way more comfortable. I'd say they run a half size bigger. This is a really great shoe. I'd definitely recommend buying them. I have the Blk/Wht Crocs and the Blk/Wht. Polka Dots and I love them.
yeah, what's the RD on these...I missed on the gold/silver joints.
It is looking like a limited release on 12/1/07 but it could happen any time this month. Be on the look out!
yes zumiez has these for 110

I have the first gold ones

Team Macintosh​
heres a pic of some skytops i saved a while ago.
imo, these shoes are fly as $*$+! i havent seen any around here, plus i dont think i can bring myself to rock em, but theyre dope imo

I have the black crocs and the floral print ones. Looking to get these gold ones and the denim ones. And people who think they are super high not even. Theylook great with a fresh pair of jeans.
I found a site selling them, i'm just not sure how legit they are.

supposedly, they limited to 1000 pairs.
letting everyone know... since I already ordered my pair.

all gold skytop's on pre-order.

paypal me $5 and I'll tell you what site. haha
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