idk. only been to carousel.
Syracuse University
word to mrkehbyners
theres a spot up on the hill, im not sure what the name of the store is.....i saw some 95's and some dunks and what not from the street the other night atthe cuse-rutgers like a hour east of syracuse in utica........not much around.............theres a store in carousel called like hit the streetsor street beat that has decent kicks......ask for the old althletes foot store
Picked up a pair of Jordan XI low's LS for $40 at Against All Odds and a pair of Air Max 97's Halloween edition at Street Beat for $70. -some goodsales at Against All Odds and Street Beat, its actually worth hitting up Carousel to check these two stores out for sales.
^^ I picked up those XI as well. I went through some trouble though because my pair was missing a lace. So the last pair I guess won't have one lace.
Super Producer, you can't beat that price of $40.... The Nike Outlets are selling them for $80
-if anyone needs help getting a pair of theJordan XI I.E. LS's for $40 let me know.
Pearl Jam -- - - u going to bonnaroo. im sure if ur a PJ fan you know what it is but if not hit up
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