T-mac 6 Asian Exclusive

Jan 22, 2007
What do you guys think about this? I think its pretty cool. Will it release here in the Philippines?
It's already released here in the Philippines. I don't know if there's some left in Toby's Mall of Asia.

Hmm... Its just the first T-Mac + hype.

If they release a T-Mac 2 maybe I'd buy. Hehe! :D
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
whoa? t-mac 6 asian exclusive here? JUST NOW? didnt they release that in other parts of asia (specifically HK and china) months ago?

how much are they??
^OH SHOOT! Sorry I read it "T-MAC ASIAN EXCLUSIVE" so I was thinking of the all-white T-Mac 1. Hehe! Sorry.

I'm not sure if they released the Asia exclusive 6 here.
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
wahaha.. u know what, sadikmac, u got me thinking for a moment there.. i counted the money i would spend for this month after i read your 1st reply here! :lol:

whew.. at least im not pressured to buy em.. u really got me thinking there, man! :lol:
^Hehe sorry! Good thing you didn't go to Mall of Asia! Hehe. Sorry man!

Haha! Sometimes I really tend to overlook things.
The worst disability, is the disability to understand.
Nope. I have the T-mac 1 Asians, but not the 6. I wanna get them though. But, i duno where to buy.
yeah.. me neither.. someone told me that they're already sold out in HK.. too bad.. i also have the tmac1 asians.. u know what, the tmac 1 asians arent really that special.. only thing diff is that it is whiter than the retro/original and it has the golden tmac logo..
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