T-Mobile employees I need help. PayPal Reward.

oh you mad

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I copped a pre-paid sim card on ebay in 04/05. It came from NJ so I had t-mobile change the area code and number. (Easiest phone number ever)

Fast forward to now, my younger brother was using that number/pre-paid plan until my parents got him a line on the family plan. My mom tries to port the number without the account pin so the port doesn't finalize.

We cancel the port and now don't have access to the t-mobile prepaid account without the pin. Since it has been over 5yrs I have no clue what the pin is or the name of the dude I bought the sim from. All I need is the pin or the name of the account holder.

Ill paypal $20 to the person who can help me out. I need that phone number. Thank you
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