T.O. Caribana Festival...Is it worth going to?

If you're into Reggae/Dancehall/Soca music, or just into the West Indian Culture in general; of course it's worth the trip. Aside from all that a lot of people come in from near and far to take in Caribana.
Worth Your While... Dont Believe What The Media Says About It Etheir
Number 1 Passion Is My Car Cause I Need It 2 Pick Up My Kickz
This is the official Schedule of events for 'bana. As for club events and what not more details will come out as the parade approaches.
^ trust that.... honourable mention also J'ouvert on Friday night before the parade, Soca in your backyard (wild water Kingdome) and Soca Rave or Fire Fete are definitely banging. The only drawback is the tickets to these events are like $30.
get tickets beforehand or else you'll be spending $60+
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
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