Taiwan Sneaker Guide

Jul 4, 2002
i'll be going to taiwan in a few days, unfortunately for a family funeral, but i do have a day to spare for shopping of sorts. i'm taiwanese but haven't been there since like 95...so anyone life in taiwan? know the stores? i'll most likely be in kao hsion (dunno how to spell) but you can list taipei places also.
Well i was in Taipei last summer and i did a lil shoe shopping but i didn't get around much so i dunno all the spots. But in taipei you should check out Hsi Men Ding (all the cabbies know where it is)...it's sort of a big outdoor shopping plaza with lotsa alleys with stores. That's where i did most of my shoe shopping...make sure you check the alleys cuz there're some stores hidden away back there. You can also try asking some of the employees where the hot spots are if you speak the language.
The shoe stores in taiwan are always easy to spot cuz they always have HUGE Nike signs out front...so wherever you go just keep an eye out for that big swoosh.

Hopefully more ppl will reply to this post cuz i definitely wanna hit up some new spots next time i'm in taiwan

BTW...where you from in the States?
you need to find archiepiscopal!

seems like he's the taiwan shoe god.
I don't want anyone jumping on my bandwagon. If you weren't already on the bandwagon, it's already full.
make sure you visit "KON-GUAN" in taipei, right across the street from Taiwan University

if you live in kao-shiung, there are plenty of spots there also.....if you have time, go to Tai-Nan, they have shoes, new or OG, for cheap

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littlebenben is from taiwan also, i think he could help you out
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wow i didn't know that tainan had a lot of hot spots....do you know any names? cuz my grandparents live there and i'm going to be there for a majority of the time. also do they overprice compared to ny/usa?
My grandma live there and my granddad died a year ago. My mom went there.
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i've seen fakes all over taiwan, so just be careful when buying anything.....
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well, I used to live in Taipei.................
but know nothing about other places ..............
sheesh... :frown:
fakes are really spreading like crazy.

they're selling fakes here in jakarta indonesia. used to be from our local factories. now that nike stopped manufacturing in indonesia, they are importing from chinese factories. exactly same products we've seen on ebay... aj 17 low, vc low, vc2, limitless, etc... compared to OGs they are half the price, but one-tenth the quality.
^^^ agreed....im drooling again.....
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This is what I know about Taipei.

There's a shop called Rodman on Chung Hsiao East Road behind the former Tonlin department store. They carry a lot of rare shoes at extremly high prices. You can see a lot of rare shoes such as OG jordans from just about every model, space jam 45, carbon flightposite, dunks, AF Is, etc.

The biggest Nike shop in Taipei is probably in a department store called "Jin Hwa Chen." It's the biggest department store in Taipei. I think the nike shop is somewhere on the 10th-12th floor.

In "shi men ding" (direct translation would be "west door market") there's a building called "wan nien." They carry some old nikes there but I heard sometimes they carry fakes.

I haven't seen too many fakes in Taipei but I heard some places near the train station and I've seen them at night markets.
be extra careful when shopping inside "wan nien" in "shi men ding", they do carry alot of fake/variants in there......i bought a pair of AM95's there and couldnt tell the difference until i compared it with a true OG....
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