Tampa Heads meet up for grapes?

Joined Jan 17, 2000
HP is probably the only place getting them(Footaction is under construction). Anybody interested in meeting up? I know Airjaded is in...
Joined Aug 19, 2005
What a disaster... HP didn't even have any for sale at 10am... pre-sold them all, and one dude who bought them pre-sale didn't even get his pair. TRIFE.
Joined Apr 20, 2005
HP sucks!
I remember we camped for the Invisibles there, and they only put 3 pairs for sale, and sold all of them before they opened to a couple guys in the back. Sold the other 3 pairs to people at random for 200...
Ronco Knive Set

Oh btw...

Joined Jan 17, 2000
HP has gotten pretty shady. I was lucky to pre-order my pair about 10 days before they released. When the gaurd said if you didn't pre-order your not getting a pair I was very surprised. Must have been 40 pissed off people who HP told they would have pairs for sale.

Any Tampa heads want to meet up a Hooters Chanelside next Saturday night?

I am sure Airjaded, Theo, Brent, Nick and Brian would join us. Anybody else interested?
Joined Nov 7, 2004
eff footaction..24 pairs??? when they told everyone they had 90 pairs? Corporate deserves a call...but it may be falling on deaf ears...as usual business ethics fall by the way side..
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