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Oct 3, 2004
hey guys, i'm thinking about getting some ink done on myself for my birthday this year. i'm still on the fence about it, but it's something i've always wanted to do for a long time and i'm pretty sure i'll still get one before i'm done. that being said...

1. where's a good place to get them / are there any good artists out there that you would recommend? i'm pretty sure i don't have to worry about cleanliness, sanitation or anything like that... but yeah, somewhere nice and clean would be good.

2. do tattoo parlors / artists here allow you to come up with your own design, or are you stuck with what they have to offer? i'm not planning on anything fancy, but say i were to get a word or a passage, would they let me pick a font?

3. how much do tats run you for here? i'm thinking about getting something across my back, if that helps any...

4. i know that you can't give blood immediately after getting one, but i've heard different stories on how long you can't do that. i know it's normally for a year in the us; is it the same here? or do i get a lifetime ban?

any input would be most appreciated. i know Gameover2 has his share and i've seen him in some of the thirty-billion or so official tattoo threads in the general forum, so i could definitely use your knowledge here, man.

thanks again.
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The guy who runs the tattoo joint in Cartimar is the president of the Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild. Many famous people get inked there, like the localrockstars.

Yes, tattoo parlors allow you to come up with your own design. Besides, it's YOUR tattoo.
I think they can help improve it though unless you can drawreally well.

Hmm as far as prices go, it varies depending on the tattoo artist who will do it for you, the size and color of the tattoo or the intricacy of the design.
i've noticed a few tattoo spots in some of our malls which, while not necessarily the most well-known or of the highest caliber, are more accessible andi'm guessing would be cleaner... at least in theory. anybody know about these particular shops?
Try Blackstrawberry @ the glorietta mall level 2. I got mine there . They have good artists there. I just told they guy what i wanted and he drew it out inlike 30 min. Good prices too.
Ricky Sta. Ana.. he does pieces for celebrities. this is the guy mac is talking about.. You cud also try Gene Testa (ranked 2 in the PI) or Mang Joe Saliendra(09065179800) located here in BF.

top 3 artists in the Philippines imo.
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