TEAM AM FAM aka AIR MAX FAMILY THREAD (New Application Process)

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Joined Sep 16, 2002
Good evening/morning/afternoon Team Am Fam,

Looks like our thread as well as others got deleted, let's start it again shall we???

Let's start with the History of Team Am Fam

If you are on the Team, and do not see your name, please add, I don't exactly know how to input them there, maybe ask a Fam Member who does...

A pic to make it Official:

Application for Membership:

1. Contribute to the Team AM Fam thread as much as possible.....release info, shoe authenticity, wdywt, pick-ups, etc...
....[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]NO BUYING/SELLING AND NO FLAMING.[/color]
2. Introduce yourself, name, location, etc., so Team/Fam Members can get to know you.

Approval Process (updated rules as of June 23, 2010) :

NOTE: Collection pics and info will be posted on my blog in the "TAF" section.

1. Email Mike at: the following:
    - Pics of your collection
    - Your real name/forum name
    - Residence, where you reside.
    - Age (optional)
    - Brief explanation of your "love" with AM's, how you got started, etc.

2. State that you're applying for Membership.

3. Have at least 3 of the 8 AM's in your collection (Example: In my collection, I have AM1's, 90's, & 95's) :
    - AM87/1
    - AM90
    - AM180
    - AM93
    - AM95
    - AM97
    - AM LIGHT
    - AMBW.
    - Other AM's not listed a plus........

4. Receive a good 10 "stamp of approvals" from various Fam Members left in the "comments", if anyone has problems leaving a comment, email me..

5. Send a PM message to Cris (crisone), Shaun (sdubl), Justin (Mayhemgatz), and Mike (tak) that you got the 10 approvals. At least 3 out of 4 approvals from us (Cris, Shaun, Justin, Mike) is cool, then finally, PM me last so I can announce on the board that you've become a Team/Fam Member.

6. Once I get a good 3-4 applications, I'll post in the first page (here) the links to the new applicants collections for approval.

Note: This process can take a while before the final official "Stamp Of Approval", so contribute, and be patient.

1. circlelikewolves (APPROVED)
2. SupaMars11 (APPROVED)
3. eastlasmokeshop (APPROVED)
5. stillhasthedustonem
6. fattymagee14
7. JC5123 (APPROVED)
8. J2Legend (APPROVED)
9. chaplip
10. bguira
11. butchasjayz
12. MMoU177
13. airkeung88 (APPROVED)
14. jaytthelegend (APPROVED)
15. spotshooter
16. davey5737
17. theairupthere85
20. Drinknike (APPROVED)
21. arbys2k (APPROVED)

Alrighty all.....the new applicant process is going to change as of now, new applicants will now contact Mike "Tak" with there info/pics, and then he will post it up in our TAF FB page for "Stamp Of Approvals", once applicant gets their full approvals, he'll contact you with the news.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

And final, Arvin aka arbys2k, you've waited long enough and you got your "Stamp Of Approvals", WELCOME TO TAF Homie!!!!!!!

Joined Nov 4, 2006
Good lookin out Cris...

I am getting my stuff together and will apply for membership very soon. 8)
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Joined Jun 5, 2007
if you need your name or any other info added on the wikia page.. let me know..
Joined May 2, 2006
What's good fam! just stoppin in to see the new thread. I like the whole "history" thing Cris, good start up!!! I think we lost ALL of our TEAM AF-ONE info :smh:
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Joined Oct 22, 2006
i wonder why they keep shutting us down

Post count only gets you so far​
Joined Jul 4, 2004
oh man.... :rolleyes
it up again...

the other thread wasnt as close as long as the first one...
i realy want to know, why the hell they delete/move all the team threads... i dont see no reason to do so...

those threads were sum of the most solid contributions to the showcase NT had for long..

well anyhow.. lets get it going and keep up the high standard..

or imma lock you all away... :lol:
big up to my homies rap and sneakz/silversurfer5400... CH-Heads for real​
Joined Sep 15, 2005
sup guys,
first of all ..... what the hell ? again ?
..... Team AM Fam got to much power on this board thats why they try keep us down :lol:

.... but were unstopable, wuuhahahahaa :evil:
Kevin & Brandon really, really sick stuff guys :pimp:
Cris thanks for the update on the Tees ... also nice picture :wink:
Dan I agree with you man .... oh and please no lock up for me, Im a very peacefull person :lol:
Joined Apr 7, 2004
why cant we get a @#%$ STICKY?

a few days ago

wifey yesterday...she thinks my strike is stupid...cant blame 23eu!!
My collection

Team AM Fam

Amsterdam Is KING
Joined Feb 1, 2005
DAMN, we're only at the first page and allready i see some crazy stuff!
Wadup Dan!
Mike, 23 eur?! Any chance you can hook the wifey up? :wink:
Joined Jul 4, 2004
sup jojo... hope you good bro...

i allready requested once a sticky from the Mods while we were half through the first TAF thread...

well i never got an answer but considering we havent got a sticky yet i guess they said no... :b
big up to my homies rap and sneakz/silversurfer5400... CH-Heads for real​
Joined Jan 13, 2007
Me and Chris were two of the first to notice that the thread was gone last night. For a while NT wouldn't load on my computer, it was just coming up a white page and saying couldn't connect. Guess that was while they were doing whatever they did. :rolleyes
ed again, some mine, some not.

TeAM Fam
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