Team Grammar Police? Vol. What Happened?

Joined May 28, 2009
Are they still around
. It's been a couple years or so sinceI've been a member and I haven't seen their sigs in awhile.

And not only Team Grammar, but what about Team PS3 and XBOX? I'm a mad gamer and i'm interested in both but you people on here fight too much

Let me know how this team stuff works nowaday on NT. It's been a minute.

And it feels good to be back.
Joined Nov 11, 2002
The grammar police probably realized it was a lost cause and off'd themselves.
Joined May 27, 2004
People joining teams seemed to fall off, I remember I use to see several people rocking the sig....I'm the last of a dying breed with the TeamUncircumsized sig.
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