#Teampoor check in. Vol. What cell provider you using?

oh you mad

Joined Oct 28, 2007
I am currently on sprint with a evo paying $80/month (With no 4g service where I live

and thanks to http://niketalk.com/topic/312366 I can cancel with no ETF. 

On average I use 150 minutes a month 2500text and 2-3gbs of 3g data.

Im thinking of going to virgin mobile and copping a motorola triumph with the $35/month plan with 300mins and unlimited data/messaging 

Anyone on Virgin Mobile right now? Pros/cons?

I don't care about having a fancy phone on contract anymore. 
Joined Sep 3, 2010
Same phone and service as you. With 4G service though. I would pull the trigger on Virgin Mobile though. Nice phone, amazing price and you'll get the same coverage you'll be getting currently.
Joined Oct 15, 2009
VM is coo but depends in your area. is there spring towers where you live? if so, VM is the way to go. VM uses 3g connection from sprint.

i think there is still the $25 plan for 300 mins and unlim data/text. the thing is you have to do it online. go to i don't see any plan or osmething like that and there will be the $25 still available.

triumph got bad bat life and it's sensor system isn't that great. go with optimus V and root it.
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N900 on Tmo monthly4g $50 unlimited everything..i can add $10/month with unlimited calling to UK/Ireland(fam&friends) and some other countries.
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I stopped using contracts after the 1st iphone. I'm using Virgin right now and I'm satisfied. $40/month for 1200 min, unlimited data and text. I noticed they changed the prices, but it didn't effect me since I already had service through them.

$45 for what I have and they dropped unlimited everything down for $60 to $55.

Even though I always missed my iphone, I doubt I will ever go back to a contract phone.
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#teampoor checking in....aint nothing wrong with cricket prepaid....30 bucks a month for unlimted mins and text....its all good 
Joined Dec 4, 2010
Originally Posted by Chrispcb15

#teampoor checking in....aint nothing wrong with cricket prepaid....30 bucks a month for unlimted mins and text....its all good 
Its this that old people phone?

Im thinking about copping a VM phone real soon
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yeah pretty much lol.....its mostly old people where I go...Service is pretty good for a prepaid...I recommend it
Joined Mar 2, 2011
 My dad has Cricket. He's 63. I swear if the commies had cell phone service back in the day, they'd have Cricket
Joined Dec 11, 2010
@raffstylexx: the envy, jealousy, and sadly runs deep in my veins, fambs...

after taxes, $81 a month for 1k minutes and 5 GB Web and unlimited text...

i miss the HD2 says when Web 2 go was giving me 4g...
Joined Dec 23, 2003
i got out of sprint after 9 years

now i'm with boost

there customer service is pure crap and your talking with people who cant speak English but its better then a contract
Joined Jul 4, 2009
Tmobile, motorola Cliq. Waiting for the new My touch 4g slide. I need a keyboard. All touch screen annoys me.
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