Terius Nash "1977" (what do you guys think?)

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1.) Wake Me When It’s Over
2.) Used To Be
3.) Long Gone
4.) Ghetto ft. Big Sean
5.) Wedding Crasher
6.) Rolex ft. Casha
7.) Silly Introducing Casha
8.) 1977 (Miss You Still)
9.) Wish You Were Mine
10.) This #%#@ Real @!%@#
11.) Form Of Flattery

I'm really enjoying this so far. Anyone have any misc. music from The-Dream? I have body work/ $%%$ my brains out but if anyone has heard any new #%#@ from dude let me know.
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Wanted to listen this weekend since I was driving a lot, but the album was in .m4a. Anyone have an MP3 link?
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