TexasShoe Heads - Jordan Shoe Releases(Austin, Dallas, Tyler

Nov 18, 2000
It never really occured to me to post this until I went into work today and say the new Jordan III's, but all of the Tyler's Sports locations (On Guadalupe and also in Westlake in Austin, In Dallas, and also in Tyler, Texas) get most of the GR Jordans fairly early. Although we can't hold shoes until their "actual" release dates, we usually have 2 size runs per store and you can call whenver the store opens (usually around 9 a.m.) to have them put on hold. Just thought I'd let everyone know there are places to get both new and retroed Jordans in Austin/Dallas/Tyler, Texas!
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Mane..... I didn't ever think I would see someone posting something about Tyler on here.
I'm from the TYL, but live in the Metroplex now.

Jewelz what store do you work at?
I'm working at the Tyler's in Austin, right across from campus on Guadalupe...I'm working most of the week so swing by whenever you get a chance
Jamaal Tinsley, The Next Big Thing...?

You Do What With Animal Crackers?!
^^^ I was talking about the one in Tyler, TX. Which is know
as Racquet and Jog. No one really goes in there tho. about
5 yrs ago I got the french blue retro VII from there and they selling like 3 weeks before the release date.
I've never heard of this store, around where about is it located in Dallas?
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Jewelz, I haven't bought anything in a while, but when I went in there, they told me that they had a pretty steady customer base that purchased Js on release day. I've been out of school for a while so I don't get down there too often, but they definitely have some decent/eclectic stuff there. And for anyone that goes there, you'll only be a couple of minutes from Motive....

Etx, I lived in Mt. Pleasant (way NorthEast) for a while and had to go to Texarkana for the few Js I could find back in the day. Glad to see there is more of a presence up that way now....Smooth
Tyler's is pretty much full for the summer but they are starting to hire for the Fall...and yeah, there is an extremely steady and large following of people who come by a couple of days early to try and snag pairs before the release dates
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