Thank you for helping NT donate over $4,000 to Access Books!

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Two days ago, MacMurray College announced that they are cutting their wrestling team at the end of this season due to budgetary reasons. My brother and several friends are on the team. It would be wonderful if NT would consider a donation in the future. However I know it's not exactly a charity and you guys probably already have ideas as to where you're donating in the future.

At the very least, if those who see this could check out the site and sign the petition in my sig, that would be excellent. Thanks!
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^I dont think a few thousand dollars will save entire collegiate team especially when funding is needed season after season. But I will look @ and sign your petition. Good luck.
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NT has a lot of animal lovers, please consider an animal charity in the future.
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ive been gone for a while, when did all this donating start? what happened to all the prizes and stuff meth promised a while back? and what in the world is yuku and why are we switching to them? why cant we stay on ezboard?

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Quote:[hr][/hr]NT has a lot of animal lovers, please consider an animal charity in the future.[hr][/hr]

That's a great idea and, although there are a great many worthy charities out there, I'm sure we can make room for a respected animal charity like PETA at some point down the line.

Quote:[hr][/hr]ive been gone for a while, when did all this donating start? what happened to all the prizes and stuff meth promised a while back? and what in the world is yuku and why are we switching to them? why cant we stay on ezboard?[hr][/hr]
sending over $2,500 to UNICEF.

We'll announce our next donation within the next week or so.

As far as "prizes" are concerned, I don't remember PROMISING to utilize our revenue to purchase prizes for our community members, but that is indeed an idea that we've bounced around. If we were able to arrange something where we'd receive either promotional products from companies or, at least, purchase these products at cost to distribute as prizes, then I'd be glad to arrange some sort of contest or giveaway for our members. The goal, however, has been to perform the greatest amount of good with the revenue we earn through NikeTalk. While we might be able to give away, say, 20 pairs of sneakers a month if we just went out and bought them at retail with our revenue only 20 people would really benefit from our earnings. With this donation program, EVERYONE benefits. It takes the concept of giving back even further. We occupy a tremendously privileged position, and rather than simply purchasing sneakers for an audience that owns thousands of pairs of sneakers, I think most of us would prefer to use our resources to benefit those truly in need by supporting a diverse array of highly effective nonprofit organizations from around the world.

To answer your final question: Yuku is the next generation platform from ezboard. As such, we won't be LEAVING ezboard if/when we switch to Yuku. We'll have the same site with the same users and the same posts. The only difference will be the addition of rich new features and functionality provided by the Yuku platform. Though we initially received a fall 2006 estimate, Yuku remains in development and we will NOT implement it on NikeTalk until it has been thoroughly tested and proven safe and reliable for our members. We'll make sure that any platform transition is handled as seamlessly as possible.
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I'm glad we have people like meth in this community. Niketalk staff are greatly appreciated for their work on this board. I hear about $C donating and stuff but never seen anything happening. Only talk I guess.
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New thread:

October's earnings ($3,900!!) donated to the Ettie Lee Homes

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