Thanks for helping NikeTalk donate $10,000 to the WWF to join the Amur Leopard Conservation Society!

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Wow, that's awesome.

Do we have a list anywhere that outlines where all of our donations have gone?

I know I probably should know this, but I'm dumb.
Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate $4,056 to Habitat for Humanity!
Thank you for helping Free The Children build a school in Kenya! ($17,204)
Thanks for helping NikeTalk allocate $6,820 to - now YOU can decide who we loan it to!
Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate $5,000 to Green For All!
Thank You for Helping NT Donate $2,768.60 to JDRF!
NikeTalk Donates $2,553 to the American Cancer Society
Thanks for helping NT donate over $2,000 to Operation Smile
Thanks to you, NikeTalk has just donated $3,656 to the UNCF!
Thank you for helping NT donate over $4,000 to Access Books!
Thank you for helping NikeTalk donate over $2,500 to UNICEF!
Though the announcement posts have since been lost, we also donated $2,907 to Gawad Kalinga and $3,908 to Ettie LeeHomes.
That's a total of over $67,000 so far. This year, I fully anticipate breaching $100,000 in total donations.

Dude 10 g's is dope. Is NT still making monthly donations, or is that 10 gs over a period of time?
If only revenue reporting were that consistent... since we now utilize a variety of ad networks, we can't rely on prompt monthly payments aswe could when depending on AdSense exclusively.

Recently, we've been issuing donations on a quarterly basis - though the frequency has fluctuated a bit here and there. This donation was actually issuedin late fall, but I wanted to wait until we had an update for you and a picture of our adopted leopard before making the official announcement.

We're working on the next set of donations, which we can hopefully announce within the next month or so.
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Although cats give me the heebie jeebies, especially big cats, NT still continues to donate to awesome organizations.
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Damn, I never knew NT was into that kind of stuff. Props to all the Admin for it. 10k is a lot of money and Boris is a gangster. Like others have said, we knowhave an official NT mascot. Maybe the future shirts NT sells should have him on there in some way.
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Boris get more play that 80% of niketalkers hahhaha. I am proud to be a member of this community.
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An excellent selection, Method Man. This seems like an exceedingly worthy charity, and is an innovative way to personalize conservation to the NikeTalkcommunity. The world could use more organizations like NikeTalk.

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but he was also subject to a joint Russian/American wildlife medicine examination back in 2007. He's getting up there in age, but the vets found him to be in top shape for his age
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we really should make mascot shirts i'd cop

but any way thats really hot.. lepords are one of my fav animals..

dam im mad there numbers went in the 30's... thats crazy

i didnt know that about the amur tiger neither.

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This thread been here for two weeks and this is the first time I'm seeing it? I'm guessing a lot of the other members haven't seen it as well.

They are some beautiful animals.

Next donation for something closer to home? Something in the US?

How about a poll to choose where to donate the money the next time?
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