Thanks for helping NikeTalk donate $10,000 to the WWF to join the Amur Leopard Conservation Society!

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Originally Posted by ATLien Seeko

Damn Meth, that's a lot of cash. It's coo to see that this place is actually "doin it" in society. So we make Boris our official mascott?

You'll also find it interesting that despite his age, he has successfully fended off the much younger and energetic male named Nehzinskii and successfully mated with the region's female named El'duga.
"YNS" status members need to take notes.

welcome to the NT fam Boris and Dr Collins
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Thanks niketalk for helping the national boot society donate twelve thousand Boots.
Thaks niketalk for helping a congressman buy a seat.
Well the purpose of my failed joke is to point out why are we donating money to foreign affairs. Its a recession here every body broke here.

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Well the purpose of my failed joke is to point out why are we donating money to foreign affairs. Its a recession here every body broke here.
Let's forget, for the moment, that the WWF is based primarily in the US. NikeTalk is a globalcommunity. Our fellow members hail from all over the world - and that's true of our staff as well. Nelson C lives in Montreal. Ceddie is fromSwitzerland. Krux lived in the Philippines when he became a mod. We have staff members from the UK. Simply because the majority of our members live in theUS doesn't mean that everything we do must revolve around the US. We're an internationally-oriented community and we don't place a premium on thelives of Americans. A child starving in Lagos is no less important than a child starving in Brooklyn.

If you feel strongly about helping people in the US - great. Nothing is preventing you from lending your time and resources to a local cause.
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Lol... at the successfully mated with the female...

Didn't know NT was doing it like this... Def. gives me a new breath of fresh air to see a company becoming involved unselfishly with different communitiesoutside of the sneaker culture and making a difference.

More thankful to be a member now.

Hopefully one day i can start a charity and contribute as much. (Already got something in mind just working the foundations out.)
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Originally Posted by EdZ OnE

I think NT should cop a panda next
what he said.

nt adopted a leopard thats big time. im glad the nt staff isnt greedy and the money is going to good causes.
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Originally Posted by Cubs Davinci

I dont even know who Amur Leaopard is but do these wrestlers really need more money?

but this is a cool donation because i'm all for animal preservation....
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