The 10 biggest Tech Failures of the last decade...

How are people still saying Vista is a failure? People who don't do their +%!$!!+ research and just parrot what other people say are the only ones whothink Vista is bad.
I always laugh when I hear that youtube purchase price...1.65 BILLION!!!! ....they dont do anything!!!! They spend money on storage and dont sell or makeanything....they will never make that money back....

the rest of them are laughable too, even though I have Sirius and have for a long time. I think its a great service and have not listened to the regular radioin 5 years...
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Youtube may be a failure money wise, But not a failure in my books
That's cuz you're not the one paying so that NT can watch twerk team videos.

Segway and XM Radio.

They were asking for it.
all these social networking site are "still in progress" with their business model. you got all this traffic coming to your site and still cantdecide how you are going to make a profit? at least there is always a company that is willing to overpay for these sites.
I owned one of these until like 2003-2004.. SONY MINIDISC... an mp3 player before its time... It started with strictly analog input and output cablesconnecting to your stereo or computer and essentially dubbing the music or sound in realtime.. Slowly it advanced to an ipod like system where songs could betransferred via a itunes like interface at speeds of 10-20x.

what yall know about that?? APPLE isnt this widely huge innovation power.

sad to see them go... They even advanced technlogy in the disc storage space from basic 700mb type to a few GB.. soon they had the big chance to move over tostrictly harddrive based


one of the first units with a backlit and not to mention editable text for your songs:****isEjlLmIUKBBJ8ijWUMpg%7E%7E_1.JPG

now thats a tech failure.. so much going for it with its launch in 9.9.9 with the dreamcast. but ultimately it was too ahead of its time
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all youtube has to do to make some money is throw a few ads up, word to yuku.
Youtube already has plenty of ads. Making money off ads would work with a small group like NT, but when millions of users are accessing andconsuming bandwidth on the site, funds generated from ads won't be enough.

From a business point-of-view, charging for a subscription/login account for basic priviliges (like uploading a limited ammount of content) would helpgenerate plenty of money. However, there is the danger or losing popularity and that's probably why they haven't done something like this yet. Itreally would help to filter out the junk that people post on there though.
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