Dec 9, 2004

ALIFE presents the First Round, a classic high top from Puma's archive, executed in premium nubuck with a tonal gloss print. Produced in White and in Black, both colors feature a custom woven label on the tongue, four different fluorescent patent leather stripes, custom footbeds and 10 pairs of laces - 5 thin and 5 thick!

Black and White T-Shirts to match will be at ALIFE STORES & RIVINGTONCLUB.COM exclusively

There's only 500 available worldwide, each pair individually numbered so be quick!

On sale this Saturday, August 18th exclusively at the following 10 locations worldwide.

North America:
ALIFE NYC - New York
ALIFE LA - Los Angeles
ALIFE BC - Vancouver

Slammin Kicks - London
Patta - Amsterdam
Colette - Paris

Black Chamber - Singapore

Highs and Lows - Perth
Provider - Melbourne

Web: Saturday, August 18th at 12:00 a.m. EST at




Me personally im really liking the white ones
Supreme_Sole Auctions
Those are so sick, but I probably won't be able to get my hands on a pair.
when i first heard about these i was pumped. but now that ive seen em, eh. stylistically they're nasty, but these are gonna look so @#%$ ridiculous on, and even worse with all the matching gear. but that's just me, good luck to those that are tryin' to get these.
looking for (ds-vvvnds only):
dqm 90 (US 10.5) . . . undftd af1 (US 10.5 - 1st rounds) . . . stash af1 (US 10.5) . . . new balance puple devil (US 10.5 - 575's & 1500's) . . . yotd af1 (US 10.5 - quickstrike edition, not the hairy stuff) . . . supreme blazer (US 10.5 - black) . . . vans chukkas (10 - supreme's and dqm 3 feet highs)
I wonder what the reseller market is going to be like on these. Alife Vancouer *IS* a couple of doors down..
Jeeeeesus, those white ones are slick.

No chance of gettin' my hands on a pair*, but still...

* = for retail

l i c k m y n i g h t m a r e
Just checked these out in person. Definitely not worth the pricetag, but they are a nice looking pair of sneakers. Should be enough pairs to go around.
FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when the first pictured we're leaked I was going crazy for them and then I saw them again in a Complex mag like a month or 2 ago. I love these sneakers both colors look sick
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yeah, i dont think the shirt is free....$200 retail for a pair of pumas? c'mon.

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I got the white ones, i think they're hella dope, especially with the 10 different pairs of laces.

200 bucks was a little steep, but I had been putting in a lot of work recently and had some cash leftover
haha man this was hilarious!! dudes at the alife ny camped out since 1am, i got there at 8:30 am and the store opened at 9, i copped the black ones in a size 9, it was crazy cuz i was kinda at the end and by the time i got to the front they only had a 7 and a 9. The whole front line was all asians, lol i cant believe dudes camped out for these. Oh well i got a size 9 black, ds......if i get a good offer i might sell them =]
I saw'em @ alife on my trip to NYC and wasn't feeling them at all. There wasn't even a hint that made me want them and I'm a huge Clyde fan. Came back home and still had the oppurtunity to buy'em online, no thanks.
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I am looking at mine right now, I also have a pair pf the Puma Bode's and I have to say that I am very excited about what Pumas been up to. They are certainly outworking the other companies who can't get past a simple retro (done poorly I might add) or just releasing shoes in a bunch of F'd up colors knowing that dummies will buy them.

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or just releasing shoes in a bunch of F'd up colors knowing that dummies will buy them.

I love you big guy (nh), but isn't that EXACTLY what Alife did with these? AND they added all-over print to it just as a big F U to everyone that copped em. I dunno, to me it just seemed like Alife wasn't being serious with these AT ALL. I could be wrong though.
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