The appreciation of all apprecation threads

Joined Apr 4, 2007
Post everyting you appreciate
Females be it brunette, blonde, redhead, Asian, Middle Eastern, black, Hispanic, whatever.
Cars be it Japanese, European, or American
Italian food
A great workout
Street Fighter
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I appreciate........

how beautiful nature can be........

being able to see a different side of myself times 3..........

this 24 year old goddess IMO. Gave natural birth to 3 kids. No drugs, no nothing. Strongest mess I've ever witnessed, especially with our twins. Amazing body for someone whose had 3 kids. Didn't take more than a month for her to lose the lil stomach she had. I know how NT is about posting pics of your girl, but I don't care, she's appreciated!
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Off the top:

90's Bimmers
Good food
Good music
Beautiful women
80 degree days w/no humidity
75 degree nights w/no humidity
Having money to blow
Finishing work way before due date
Joined Feb 9, 2008
Originally Posted by Cobra Kai

where's the butt on that lady, though? I just see long back.

Well of course, she's standing to the side. It's not outrageous, but she has enough for me. It's a beautiful site with no clothes. Me personally, I love a petite woman. I'll take beauty over a butt anyday. I've been with women with big butts, and they didn't measure up as good in bed.
Joined Apr 7, 2008
pow Pow Pa-DOW

ninety degrees


Spoiler [+]
All jokes aside, congrats on the fam brother. That's beautiful
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