the best restaurant in china town


to me atleast, they have the best fried rice.... cant beat crack fried rice with hot n sour soup for 5 bucks :D

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cutter's bayhouse.
but hey at least i'm not ugly

my friend found a cockroach in her honey walnut prawns at honeycourt..haven't been there since
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sea garden: salt and pepper porkchops and almond fried chicken
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co-sign with blake sea garden is the spot late late nite after the club, and house of hong for dim sum.
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Harbor City is good, Kau Kau is the only place to go for bbq or roast pork. Sea Garden is dope and Honey Court is okay too (but I had a problem in there with the police before).
cutter's bayhouse.

ehh not really in china town. and prices aren't really chinese either if you know what i mean...crazy expensive place (for me at least lol).

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Kau Kau is where its at for bbq pork and fried rice.

Top it off with a Tsingtao, life dont get much better.

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btw, a moment of silence for the pacu fish that was in the tank. RIP

you serious, damn, that fish was there WAY before i was born, and im 21. i never knew fish can live that long
yup, I heard the owners came in one day and water was all over the place...I guess the tank cracked or something? I wonder what they did with the's not like you can flush it down the toilet.
green village hands down
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nah that pacu is still alive I heard, I was in there maybe a week ago and they said they are going to buy a new tank and put that damn monster back in it.
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