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Just imagine... if Brandon was still on the show... he would probably be Regs contact to help take down Douda and possibly take over raising Jake if Reg was set to die from his wounds.
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Just imagine... if Brandon was still on the show... he would probably be Regs contact to help take down Douda and possibly take over raising Jake if Reg was set to die from his wounds.
What makes you guys think that Jake doesn't have anyone else?

And it would be Papa or Kevin's mom. Jake doesn't even know Brandon.
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Hell Jake barely knows Douda, but that's not going to stop him from being his understudy towards the beginning of next season. Jake has nobody else because they haven't introduced anybody else. Only spoke abou this drugged up mom. Doubt they introduce another family member.
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- That Perry's Pizza commercial :lol: :lol: Bruh really got split personalities.

- Jada need a young man like me to lay the pipe. Get her right.

- Jason was great on this episode. Gon be a void in the show w/o him.

- Damn Reg :smh:

- They played that Donny Hathaway at the end :pimp: this show is so black. Love it.
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First off, I love how this last episode was bookended by Umi Says and Someday We'll All Be Free. Particularly at the end when they showed the scene of Jake being taken away by child services. **** was so real and so sad to me. It was also sad showing how three friends lives are forever impacted that quickly at such a critical part of their life. Just like that Jake, Papa, and Kevin will never be the same. We also see just how evil Douda is. I had a feeling he'd allow Reg to get knocked when he had that conversation with him in that alley with Jake there. After the conversation took place, the look Douda had made me smh. For me, this last episode really made me respect Reg. For all the wrong **** he was doing, his ultimate goal was to protect Jake, and hopefully have him reunite with his mother. Douda, knowing all this basically took Jake from Reg and pretty much wiped out that potential. Reg did what he could, but what could he do when Douda said he wanted to give Jake a job? He knew what it was at that moment, but wanted Jake to follow the Otis Perry persona to find a way out. I think Jake will follow the Douda persona without Reg around because he wants to do all that gangsta ****. It makes me sad Reg can't be there to keep him out of that ****. I said it before and I'd say it again, this is a great showcase of Black fatherhood. I love how it diversifies how it looks and takes shape. The interaction with Brandon/Ronnie was great. It was huge for each character, even though that progression in real life doesn't happen that quickly or easily, or even at all. The interaction with Ronnie/his father was great, then contrast that with Emmett/ his father. I think this show just does an all around great job with showing the nuance of Black fatherhood. Sucks that Jason Mitchell ****ed up and got fired, but that's on that fool.


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Yea, I noticed that she was looking rough. Thought she was playing the part. :smh:

Then they played her off the show lazy as hell. Greavy telling Brandon that she went down south to visit family. :rolleyes
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I completely forgot about her. Didn’t know she was into that, that stresses look was just her age plus being deep into that character.
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