The Cleveland show (family guy spin-off), your opinion on this trailer? vol. Ehhhhhh


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truly horrible idea....

this show is going to be 80% racism jokes.
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If it has the same writers as FG, then it will be just as funny.... which isn't saying much.
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how many shows does the writers of Family Guy have to make American Dad which is utter garbage and now this POS i mean Family Guy has already fallen off andthey think they can run 3 shows...

Mister Meaner

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Honestly, this has a lot of potential. Cleveland's character wasn't really developed all that much on Family Guy, so that will be interesting.
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"bye chocolate people"

lol stewie is usually on some funny shhh

But I don't get why they changed him from "the baby who hates Lois" to "the baby with the questionable sexuality" ???

The whole "I hate Lois" thing was getting old but I'll admit the new episodes with him acting a lil fruity are funny b/c they catch me off guard
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