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I want to take this time to Thank the Heavens above for letting Josh Pastner take that Memphis Job...

Boy did we luck up!
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I dont think the ones who said they were a top 5 team and were goin to the final four last year will be back for another month.

That game alone made DWill a top 5 pick
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"UofL is a huge favorite tomorrow. Pitino hasn't had this much pressure to perform since he did it in a booth with his trainer watching."

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"UofL is a huge favorite tomorrow. Pitino hasn't had this much pressure to perform since he did it in a booth with his trainer watching."
I don't think Kentucky is as big of an underdog as we think, they're playing with a lot more confidence plus Dieng isn't 100%
If the Kentucky can attack the rim, not settle for stupid shots (I'm looking at you Archie, Alex) and Noel/WCS can anchor the paint they can take Louisville.
Cardinals have a lot of experience and poise though, they have played in a bunch of huge games and they have a point guard who's been in college since I was in high school.

Who would have thought Singler would end up being the more productive pro out of those two?
I always thought Singler would be a good pro that would play 12+ years because you don't find guys his size with such solid fundamentals, shooting and IQ
D Will is all athleticism or nothing.

Bill Walton is going to call the Missouri-UCLA game tonight on ESPN.
The god :smokin

UCLA is going to get worked, Pressey is going to pick them apart.
Not to mention how they'll lock them up on D, more Howland slander on the way
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After a brief hiatus, I'm back :smile:

Some thoughts after OOC...

Nick Johnson with one of the biggest jumps of any player from his freshman to sophomore year, so consistent.
Lyons is everything I thought up to this point. Frustrating as hell, but tough as nails and a big game player.
Solo and Parrom with senior leadership and stepping up in crunch time.
The 3 freshman bigs compliment each other so well and are continuing to develop at a slow, steady rate. Next year if all of them come back, which seems likely as well as the addition of Aaron Gordon, our front court will have 4 future nba players.

I reckon the PAC-12 finishes

Arizona state
Oregon state
Washington state
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