The Coloring Book by Colin Quinn

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New book by CQ, what do you think, gang? Granted, some folks may not be convinced by the perspective of an alcoholic Irish guy who grew up in Park Slope in the '70s, but CQ can be pretty insightful (Unconstitutional, comic routines) and think the combo of the subject matter and his style of delivery is pretty intriguing.

Some Quotes:

"To me, there are two routes to take when it comes to dealing with race: Stay separate and pretend we aren't different at all, or live together and acknowledge the ways in which race sometimes does matter. Of course, the compromise of living halfway together and pretending we are all the same is working out wonderfully"

"People who condemn other people for talking about race are usually members of the "never-been-punched-in-the-face club" -- smug, obnoxious people who feel very confident in their ability to say anything they want about what other people should and shouldn't do because they've never received a nice shot to the grill."

"People are so very afraid of offending that they act like diversity doesn't even exist. As a result, there is this weird impulse in American culture today to say, 'We're all exactly the same.' To celebrate diversity as long as you don't point out anyone's differences"

"Nothing makes a room tense up faster than talking about black people when you're white."

"Yes, unlike a little bit pregnant, you can be a little bit racist! There's a difference between a white supremacist and a little old lady who slightly clutches her purse when a black guy gets on the elevator with her; between a white guy that doesn't hire black people and a white guy who flinches the tiniest bit when he sees a photo of his teenage daughter with her new "friend" at a Kendrick Lamar concert."
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Last paragraph was literally the most idiotic crock of **** read in a while. Lets just keep making passes for racism. It's cool only in certain amounts :rolleyes
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Last paragraph was literally the most idiotic crock of **** read in a while. Lets just keep making passes for racism. It's cool only in certain amounts
I think he's referring to covert-overt racism.
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That's not how I took it at all

Think that response brings up a good point, lots of folks have already made up their minds when coming to discuss this topic, and their interpretations reflect it. And that's entirely understandable, due to personal experiences, the emotions behind them, etc.

Anyway, the book is written by a comedian so I'm sure it's meant to be provocative to an extent.

It also seems like a refreshingly different (honest) take on race, but need to actually go get the book to confirm that (or not)
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