The Dub Club?

Joined Nov 19, 2000
I was wondering if any of you frequent this spot? I went last night, which was my second time attending. The crowd is pretty diverse, a lot of good looking females too. I like the vibe of the place, everyone seems real chill and no one is trying to show out.
Joined Dec 21, 2003
wheres this at??? and wats kinda club is it?
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Joined Apr 21, 2001
haha this club is ill on tuesdays, reggae night. i used to always hit this spot up the last couple years but ill be there every now and then.

its own in silverlake, a few miles away from undefeated i believe.
Joined Nov 19, 2000
I believe it moved from it's original location, at least that's what some people have told me. If I am not mistaken it's on Sunset (echo park area). I have only been there on Wednesdays, which is reggae. The cover charge is only $5, you guys should check it out if you haven't already.
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