The ending of Taxi Driver vol. Calling OGbobbyjohnson773

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So I just recently watched this movie and it was pretty dope
. I was just wondering if you think Travis died at the end of the shootout scene. I know theyshowed him meeting up The Wizard & Betsy but I think those were dream sequences in his last moments. I mean his life would have completely did a 180 fromhow it was before. What do you guys think?
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the dream sequence is very possible. it's one of those things where you have to interpret it in your own way.

dream sequence was actually a popular interpretation throughout the years. I bet if you google extensively enough you'll find an interview of Scorsesebeing asked about it.
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The beauty of this movie is that the ending is open to interpretation.

I would argue that it's not a dream based on the way the Betsy scene plays out in the closing moments. It's disorienting, particularly when Travisdouble takes in the mirror, suggesting that he is awake and that he is not truly changed.
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