The Fans of Carmelo Anthony (in Utah)

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Originally Posted by Brandon3000

the timing of the commercial last night was perfect too...
Exactly. That !$$% came on right before Melo took over.

I thought it was one of those commercials where people make them and then there was the service where you could pay to get your videos played on national TV (The service was posted on here).

Carmelo Anthony: He cant do it alone...........Well maybe he can.
And just the fact that that it was his fans in Utah. I wonder what JB has against Utah. Cuz its not like theres a D Wade commercial about his fans in Boston or other JB athletes.
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Originally Posted by MaliciousIntent

pyp in disguise


on the real though...
ca > ny > utah = missouri
lets ignore this trolling and appreciate the commercial...which can def be clarified better for me lol
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i was scratching my head when that ad came on last night and it all made sense after seeing the jordan tag.
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