The Fat Jew Teaches SoulCycle for the Homeless: Using CitiBikes for Full-Body Workout in NYC

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CitiBikes invaded New York recently to much fanfare and controversy. The little known fact about them however, is that when docked and not in use, the wheels still spin. New Yorkers, crushed under the burden of disgustingly expensive real estate and $9 cupcakes, are always looking for a good deal. And free stationary bicycles for the use of spinning apparently qualifies as a good deal.

This morning, a female East Village resident emailed us this video, apparently she was wandering around the city filming stuff and randomly caught the inimitable “The Fat Jew” on tape near Tompkins Square Park TEACHING A SOUL CYCLE CLASS TO HOMELESS PEOPLE.

She briefly interviewed him afterwards and he explains that he wants those who can’t afford cycling classes at SoulCycle or FlyWheel (the average cost of one class is $35) to be able to have “gorgeous” bodies.

Our minds are pretty much blown.
Well, duh, this would happen.
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