The Hundreds

Dec 16, 2006
i ordered some jeans off of the hundreds...they are legit as hell. not only did they ship extremely fast, they also threw in a free shirt and stickers...i am extremely impressed with the hundreds customer service and i will continue to give them my money... :pimp:

is the hundreds this consistantly chill? discuss...
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yeah it is.
i got the last 32 in the spring 07 raw heartbeat jeans.

they shipped like 8 stickers with it. and it came in 2 days.
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The Hundreds is very down to earth and what not. They sent me two free shirts and a @#%$ load of stickers with my most recent purchase.
What's a sneaker boutique?
Same here. I ordered the bomb splatter shirt from their fall line and got a free shirt and like 7 stickers. Great service! I always wanted a pair of their jeans too. I guess I'll come around to buying a pair sooner or later.
how'd they know what size tee to give you guys?

or is it just random...

but yeah...i've managed to get some stickers =)
^probably just looked at what size you ordered. Anyway I've been meaning to grab some of their tees before they sell out.
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Graet brand and even greater custmer service. I ordered one shirt and got two, and a @#%$ load of stickers.

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^ hahahahaha. i thought about ordering from them a couple times but i decided not to every time. next time i'm thinking about it, i'm probably gonna end up buying something.
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bobby, ben, and the hundreds crew are chill!!!! go support!!!!!!

you know back in the day bobby and ben you to post on nt :nerd:
im waiting for them to put up the public label line.
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bumping this old thread. just because i have a question.

on the hundreds shirts care tag, it says " do not iron ".
but mine is wrinkly. has anybody actually ironed them? o_O

just dont wanna eff up my shirts.
Yeah they're cool guys...I got a HUGE box of free #%*# through a friend there...never was a huge fan of their stuff per se but I always liked the way theydid their business...good guys just tryin to have fun while findin success.
Comes off kinda geeky to me.

Which I am a geek, I just don't portray one on NT

They sent free stuff to a store I know, seem like good guys.
you know back in the day bobby and ben you to post on nt
they were and still are about the customers. I remember their "street team" was just asking for stickers and slapping it up everywhere. I used toslap them all over campus (CSULB) and all over SD.
dudes are mad cool. cant say the same about the people that work at Active Valencia
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