The Kobe (Crazy I) Question...

May 17, 2007
Is it advisable to but the Crazy I - 0.5 smaller than the usual size? I'm planning to buy The Kobe... Help me out please, i'll be using it for ballin'... My usual size is US - 8 and i'm planning to buy size US - 7.5... Thanks in advance...

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Adidas Crazy 1 review
Im not sure if it would be a good thing to buy half a size smaller due to the additional material inside the shoe that works similar to foamposite.I would normally advise true to size or half up but not advisable for half a size down.
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if you're looking for a size 8, try they've had them for $50 for a while now
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
^I don't think ships products outside the U.S.... Thanks for all the response...
you are correct. I wonder why that is
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
Thanks for all the response... I'm deciding if i'm gonna buy The Kobe Crazy I at but the stock is only U.S. 7.5 or i might as well buy the Lebron IV all black... Is it a good alternative if i buy the Lebron IV shoes? Can you say that performance wise the Lebron is equal or more than the Kobe Crazy I shoe? Or wait for the Zoom BB low all black to drop?

Thanks in advance...
there is a blk/red zoom bb low available on eastbay and Im pretty sure they ship to wherever you are.The lebron IV is a completely different shoe from the crazy 1 and Im probably in the minority but I would take the crazy 1 over the lebron iv.The crazy 1 just suited my game better.If you check ebay there are always crazy 1's on there along with the og kobe 1's in original and limited colors for decent prices.
anyways for reference-Nike Zoom Lebron IV
-Nike Zoom BB
good luck
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Man, i've tried ordering at eastbay (lebron soldier - forrest/white) and they could not ship at my address... =[ I hope if i will order the zoom bb at eastbay, they can ship it to the Philippines... I HOPE SO... Or i hope Nike Philippines would have stocks of Zoom BB lows at Nike Stores...
yes, but when i ordered the Lebron Soldier Forrest/White... Eastbay e-mailed me that they cannot ship the item to my location here in the Philippines... =[
I love the Kobe's (aka Crazy 1) personally. I had 2 pairs of the originals. and like Goosebear said, I would also perfer them to the LebronIV.

I find adidas runs smaller than nike. With the Lebron IV i take a 12, with almost ALL adidas i take a 13.

Hope that helps
thanks a lot for all the replies... So it seems that i really have to find my true size which is 8 for the Crazy I, i thought US7.5 is a reasonable size since its only a half size smaller...

thanks chris chicago for sharing us the availability of crazy 1 at for 50 dollars....these are my grails for the last 7 pair size 11.5

They're great for outdoor or indoor balling. Traction is crazy good and it's light. I suggest going up either half a size or a whole size if you havewide feet.
do they make alot of fakes of these???? i see some on ebay right now being sold by MVP sportswear can anyone confirm if they are legit ?????
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