The MMA Thread: DON'T ASK 4 STREAMS & NO GIFS- TJ Dillashaw Relinquishes His Belt

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  1. Bad Dope
  2. Reddit pointed out this old tweet out. Paradigm needs to change their supplier

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    Tony :smh:
  4. playin with that man need to leave that hard **** alone
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  5. Damn. These dudes wilding. The ugly side of this sport.

    Domestic violence has probably always been a thin but it just seems highlighted more based on recent events.
  6. I don’t know why this ***** ****s with Trump but as a fighter and a person I **** wit him. Jorge is a real dude. I kinda hope he wrecks Till :lol:
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  7. "Gamebred" is a very live 'dog in this one. Curious how Till responds from the T-Wood beatdown and whether he can be the second man to ever KO Masvidal. Rodrigo Damm being the only one, back in '08.

    I know we live in a social media crazed world but it's still wild how TMZ gets videos for everything on the planet. Conor smashing the phone makes sense, especially outside such a public venue like LIV Miami. But the crazy part is the footage after he bonded out, jogging shirtless on a Miami bridge. Like how random is that.
  8. Man, you hate to see the news about "El Cucuy." In the Octagon, he's one of the most exciting fighters in the organization. You wonder if he's going stir-crazy from idleness. Ferguson's only fought once in each of the last two years. Tony seems like the kind of guy that needs to remain preoccupied, always training towards something. Fought three times in '14 and also three times in '15 going through Tibau, "Punk" and Barboza. I'm gonna wait for more details but if he's arguing with his wife over a potential custody battle, family and children are difficult to address. The other stuff about implanted chips, people in the walls and holy water is wild.
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    I’ve had the same conflict. But Jorge has always been one of my favorite fighters before the madness we’re dealing with came to be. I’m still rocking with him as a fighter.

    He’s been saying some real **** in these interviews. Said he doesn’t have a TV anymore and in the one below, had some insightful comments about the reality show he did around 2:00.

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    So just like Conor, Tony Ferguson has lost his marbles as well.

    Splashing holy water like he's performing an exorcism that's so far out there.
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    I’ve always thought Tony had some sort of disability. The way he tweets says a lot about the way his brain works.
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    holy water works in the movies.
  13. :wow:|l

    According to Cristina Ferguson’s declaration to the court, Tony Ferguson, 35, arrived at her parents’ home, where Cristina had been residing, on March 7. Tony allegedly asked their son, “Wanna go for a ride?” Cristina said she told Tony it was too late and he could not take their son. She wrote that she and her mother stood in front of Tony to prevent him from leaving, but he pushed them both out of the way, ran back into the house, out the back door and over a fence — all with his son in his arms.

    Cristina wrote that Tony left his cell phone and his car behind and ran away on foot with their son, who was not wearing shoes or a diaper. It was also raining out, she wrote.

    Feb. 5: Cristina wrote that Tony did not sleep and he believed there would be a great flood as a result of the lunar eclipse. Tony allegedly purchased a life raft and took Cristina and their son on a drive inland, all the way to Palm Desert, Calif., about 111 miles from their home in Santa Ana. Cristina wrote that Tony woke her and her son up in the middle of the night there and said they had to leave, because they were not safe. Tony promised to seek help with mental issues if there was no flood, but later refused, she wrote.

    Feb. 12: Tony had what Cristina described as a “psychotic break or a panic attack.” He screamed in her face, sweared at her and believed she was someone else, she wrote.

    “I woke up late that night to [Tony] standing over me accusing me of being a witch,” Cristina wrote.

    Feb. 16: Cristina wrote that Tony unplugged the refrigerator and turned off half the power in their home, because he believed there were cameras in the refrigerator and ceiling fan and that he was being watched. He also cut the wires to the heat and air conditioning units, she wrote, because he believed there was a tracking device in it. Tony allegedly tore the vanity mirror off the bathroom wall, because he believed there was something behind it and took his son’s food away because he believed it was poisoned.

    Feb. 19: Tony allegedly agreed to be taken for psychological help at Keck Medical Center at USC. Cristina and her father went to pick him up, she wrote. When they arrived, they saw furniture and walls in the home had been destroyed. The mantel was ripped off the wall, because Cristina wrote that Tony believed there was a hidden doorway under the fireplace. Santa Ana police were called that day, which is also around when she moved into her parents’ home, she wrote.

    March 5: Cristina wrote that she picked Tony up to take him again to Keck Medical Center again. While they were driving there, they hit traffic on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. While the car was moving, Cristina wrote that Tony jumped out, onto the freeway, ran away, jumped over a fence and disappeared. He did make it back to their family residence later.

    There were other situations in January 2019, as well as situations all the way back in January 2018, the latter of which was when Cristina wrote that Tony was drinking heavily and displayed “manic behavior,” she claimed. She added that she believes things began getting worse when Tony injured his knee in April 2018 and needed surgery. That injury forced him out of a UFC 223 title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

    “There are many frightening incidents which I have yet to list in this declaration,” she wrote. “However, I have videos and photographs of [Tony’s] frightening, irrational and paranoid behavior, which depicts [Tony] crying, laughing, muttering, yelling, etc., for no apparent rational reason.”

    Cristina wrote that Tony allegedly had a “mental break” after winning The Ultimate Fighter 13 in 2011. He flew home to visit his parents in Michigan and was removed from the flight because of an alleged outburst. Cristina wrote that Tony went to the hospital in Michigan and he was prescribed Risperidone, a medication that can be used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar.

    Tony and Cristina were married in 2012 and she wrote that things got better until 2017 when his “unstable behavior began to surface.” At that time, she wrote, he was also drinking heavily. There was a time when Tony vowed to protect her and their son, but Cristina wrote that he has begun to think she is evil and will not let her shower or be in the bathroom alone.

    “[His] behavior is getting worse and more frightening,” Cristina wrote. “I am afraid that during one of [Tony’s] episodes [Tony] will kill me, our son and/or himself.”
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    Eddie Bravo got Tony gone mad
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  15. Have a feeling Jorge gonna be in another split decision. This time in his favor

    Tills body looks a lot different though

    This card is Lowkey nuts. So many nice fighters
  16. Jorge is a cool guy don't get me wrong, but the man has the audacity to call out other fighters for "being over the top corny and talking ****". Yet is best buds with Colby :lol: get all the way the **** out
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    You right :lol:
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    Tony sounds schizophrenic. And I’m being serious.
  19. With that being said, I'm definitely rooting for Jorge. Not that I dislike Till, I was on his bandwagon going into the Cowboy fight... I just think dude got that battery put into his back and

    1. Missed weight against Wonderboy
    2. Didn't beat Wonderboy imo
    3. Skipped the line to fight for the title

    If he beats Jorge fair and square it would be really impressive
  20. Bro, reading all of that is frightening. Taking his son and jumping fences and ****. Jumping out of the car on the freeway. Tearing up the house, thinking his wife a witch

    At first I was skeptical about the wife tbh, but you can't even make **** like that up
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  21. He might be bipolar. I knew a guy that was normal but just a bit cooky but it was funny. One day he decided to run his car into a parked car until he totalled it because "he didn't like the color".... then he went on an F'ed up facebook wall post spree. Got diagnosed with bipolar. Ferguson might be in a manic state
  22. Man that Tony **** is a blower :smh:. At least he hasn't hurt anybody yet (at least from what I'm reading). Hopefully he gets the help he needs. Getting punched in the head might not be the career move for him moving forward though
  23. So is she safe from him now?

    It was late, raining and the boy was naked? Sheesh.
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    first thing i was thinking. these guys must be tripping hard
    in all seriousness, i have a relative that was bi-polar/manic depressive and when he was off the meds or drinking he was a totally different person. dude was talking like he was invincible and tried to pick a fight with a random stranger and it took a few people to hold him back
  25. Chris benoit, eddie guerrero come to mind......

    TBI is a serious side effect of any combat sport, hope dood gets the help he needs.

    FIghting is one hell of a way to earn a living man